2006-Jun-04 21:14:37 EDT (Sun)

Whoohoo: Blog ready for primetime!

Whoohoo! I finally got around to finishing the setup for blojsom and adding a link from my home page.

Too bad, I still have such a lame name for my blog... "Mind Re: Mark". I was going for a pun of what's on my mind combined with a play on words between my name, Mark, and the word 'remarkable'. I failed miserably. Any better suggestions would be welcomeHappy Face.

I was a little disappointed that it didn't "just work out of the box" and that the QuickStart Guide was a little too brief. In particular, a little more detail on the setting up of blojsom-blog-home might have been helpful. In my case, I start tomcat using the jsvc Unix daemon so it runs as user 'tomcat' rather than root. This security precaution breaks the QuickStart Guide's suggestion of setting blojsom-blog-home to {user.home}/blojsom-blogs/ because {user.home} doesn't really exist for that user. The fix was fairly trivial. All I had to do was hard code the absolute path to the directory where the blog data was to be stored. As I suggested in my First Post, I should probably add this to the guide since it is a wiki.

After a whole lot of other reading, the only other thing I really had to change to get things working correctly was the stmp-server setup as described in the second comment of my first post. In retrospect, it wasn't that hard to get it working, but since I immediately ran into these problems, I found that I had to do a LOT of reading about the setup to convince myself that I had done it right and that things were working. Despite all of this whinging, I think that Blojsom is great and would like to take this opportunity to thank the creators for a job well done and for providing such a wonderful free tool.

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